Soothing music

Sometimes I like nothing better than soft soothing music. When it feels like the t.v. has been on way too much, I put on some soft music and send the kids to play. Funny… they never complain. We put on this music when we do homework as well. The last dinner party we had I played this in the background for our guests and everyone really liked it.

David Maldonado- I bought this c.d. from the artist himself in Las Vegas so long ago. He was playing in one of the casino lounges and I had gone with some friends to listen to live music. It was in a small lounge… it was dark and smoky. The music took my breath away.

El misterio del Nilo/ Mystery of the Nile – This is the sound track to a 3d Imax movie we went in the city of arts and science in Valencia, Spain in 2005. My son A was just a few months old and we went to get his passport at the consulate.  My mom was with us and we had such a good time. The movie was captivating and the sound track is really beautiful. Here is a link to the Imax website and there is a small clip about the film.

Mexico Lifescapes- I bought this during or right after high school while I was living in Las Vegas. I had gone to Mexico a lot during high school and I was so drawn to that culture. I saw it in Target at one of those kiosk´s.  Do you remember those?