Alkaline Vs Acid diet

This was a post that I did for our Natural Homeopathic Health blog and it has really stuck with me. Take a look at it here . I am trying to avoid processed, prepackaged foods. More vegetables and fruits. Less sugar. I try to keep this chart in mind when I am making food choices.

I try hard to make sure that the foods we eat every single day are alkaline such as onions, olive oil, garlic, green tea, stevia, lemons and apples. After understanding this concept and how acid causing foods are so bad for your body, I decided to give up artificial sweeteners.  I really loved saccharine or other artificial sweeteners because I thought it was a great way to have a sweetener but not the sugar to help to loose weight. Here is an article about Aspartame- Aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma in new landmark study on humans. Now I use honey or stevia in teas, yogurt, and coffee. I make a point of buying plain natural yogurt. This way I know we are avoiding white sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Of the more acid causing foods, I have made a point of cutting out soft drinks, milk, and white flour as much as possible.


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